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Jul 08 2012

Getting Started

Since this is my first post, it seems appropriate that I get some TFA-speak things out of the way right away. I’ll start by introducing myself, establishing norms and culture, setting a vision for this blog and then maybe some reflection.

About Me:

I graduated from the University of Houston in December 2011. At UH I majored in English-Creative Writing. My minor was in Medicine and Society (public health meets liberal arts). My experience at UH is one of the main reasons I applied for Teach for America. The University of Houston is the most public research university in the United States. I met people there from so many ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds that I couldn’t be unaware of the injustices and inequalities that still persist. As for me, I’m a white Catholic woman from a small town in Texas. My family is firmly middle class–I never went without, but nor did things fall easily in my lap. I’ve held at least one job (sometimes several) consistently since I was 15, and I worked hard for a scholarship that paid completely for my education. I’m passionate about reading, writing, public health, public education and feminist issues. I also enjoy candle lit dinners, long walks under the stars and film adaptations of Victorian literature.

Blog Norms and Culture: 

This blog will be about my experiences my in my classroom.

This blog will be about my experiences fighting for social justice in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This blog will only occasionally be a space for reflecting on personal issues.

This blog will not be completely boring.

That’s a lie. Sometimes this blog will be totally boring.

This blog will not identify a problem, issue or concern without also at least attempting to identify a solution.

This blog will not be a dumping place for complaints about day to day life.

This blog will not make assumptions or generalizations about people, organizations or groups. No statement on this blog will ever begin with the words “The problem with education today is….”

This blog will not be a platform for political debates, personal attacks or arguments about Teach for America.


My vision is that this blog will be a place for me to reflect on the goings-on my classroom and in my journey to becoming a really good teacher. I’d like to be able to discuss lesson plans, methods, programs, etc that I try to implement in my classroom–both when they are effective and when they are not. In this blog, I hope to be able to describe what I see in Oklahoma City in terms of public education, poverty and public health issues, and where I fit in with those issues and the fight for social justice. Finally, my hope is that this blog can be a true-blue representation of what I’m doing here (sometimes funny, sometimes serious) so that I can keep my family and friends in the loop.


And we’re going to skip the reflection for now. Institute has my feeling all reflected out.

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