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My previous post drew some negative attention, and I realized there were significant ambiguities in my meaning. The following is a response to Mr. Gary Rubinstein’s comments (read them here: http://garyrubinstein.teachforus.org/2012/07/31/what-they-teach-the-new-cms-about-public-vs-charter-schools/). Soon I will post a revision of the offending post that better expresses my thoughts and clarifies any misunderstandings. Dear Mr. Rubinstein, Thank you so…

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Jul 31 2012

It’s Not About You

In a speech sometime this summer, someone said something like “It’s not about you, but it’s all about you.” What I think he meant was that this achievement-gap-closing-teaching-working-hard-never-sleeping work isn’t FOR me. It’s not for my benefit or glory or vanity. But at the same time, more and more the research is showing that the…

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Jul 25 2012

Institute in Review, Part II

There’s a lot to say about Institute, and I don’t think two blog posts can even really scratch the surface, but I plan to be done with the topic at the end of this post. Simply put, Institute is over. It’s time to focus on what lies ahead. At Institute, I learned a lot. By…

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Jul 16 2012

Institute in Review, Part I

On Friday I said goodbye to my first group of students, and it was wonderful and sad and exhilarating and heartbreaking. They were fourth graders, and our class was reading and writing intensive (most of our students were significantly below grade level in their reading skills). So much happened this summer that it amazes me I only…

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Jul 08 2012

Getting Started

Since this is my first post, it seems appropriate that I get some TFA-speak things out of the way right away. I’ll start by introducing myself, establishing norms and culture, setting a vision for this blog and then maybe some reflection. About Me: I graduated from the University of Houston in December 2011. At UH…

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